Top 6 Reasons to Use WordPress as your CMS

WordPress is big. In fact, it’s the largest content management system in the world. This fact alone might not be reason enough to use their service to launch your website, but here are a few of the most talked about reasons why you probably should.

It’s Easy to Use

WordPress simplifies everything about building a digital platform. Whether you are looking to start a blog, an online market, or make a landing page for your business, WordPress is versatile and powerful enough to build the platform you need. There are easy to use plugins which can add markets, members, media, and more to your website.

On that topic, WordPress eliminates the need to know how to code when building a website. The software was designed to be streamlined and simple to use, with the possibility of expanding and adding whatever you’d like. Programmers have created countless plugins that are available to use, providing the ability to build on just about any feature to your website you could imagine, as simple or complex.

It’s SEO-Friendly

Like Google Engineer Matt Cutts said, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” It excels at crucial CMS validity requirements like loading pages quickly, providing an XML sitemap, optimizing images and making site navigation easy. Even integrating social media is made fairly simple and works well with Google.

To go even further, there are various SEO plugins available to further control and extend your website’s visibility on search engines. These can even track the traffic of your site and analyze the SEO of your content.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

With the ever growing popularity of browsing the web on our smart devices, it’s important that any website is properly optimized for mobile viewing. If a website loads slowly or makes viewing it’s content difficult on a phone or tablet, most likely the person trying to view it will simply move onto some other website.

WordPress keeps this simple and helps to get rid of this worry for its users. This is because most of it’s themes are designed with this already in mind, and are just as responsive and good looking on smartphones and tablets as they appear on the computer. Even better, the WordPress dashboard used to edit your website can be opened from your PC or your mobile device, so you can keep things updated on your website wherever you are.

It’s Popular

WordPress is over 10 years old and used by almost a quarter of the websites that we see on the web. Obviously no slouch, the company has worked hard to provide a service that brought them this claim. This means over 10 years of testing, refining, and enhancing the user’s experience when working with their websites, evolving into the world-class system WordPress has today.

It also means that you are dealing with the highest level of professionalism, as well as a massive community of people who have spent years learning everything there is to know about developing websites with WordPress. This means that if you can’t find that specific theme or plugin that you’d like, you can also find someone that could create it for you.

The massive popularity of WordPress leads into my next point.

It’s Secure

As with everything else about the service WordPress provides, they set a standard just as high for the security offered by their system. The size and reach of WordPress alone means they have a need for a large, dedicated group of people providing regular updates for increasing their security and the security of each of its users.

This also means that should you have any issue or question about security or further securing your website and your account, that there is a team of dedicated people at WordPress that are easy to reach out to and help to find you a solution.

It’s Free, and in the Best of Ways

Probably the best reason. While you can pay for features like highly developed themes, specially developed extensions and plugins, or the ability to outright purchase a special domain from WordPress, doing so is entirely unnecessary. The tools WordPress offers for free is more than enough to get any website or small business off the ground and running while looking amazing and performing exceptionally.

Not only is WordPress free to use, unlike so many platforms and web applications available today, it’s also completely open-source. This is why it is so easy to edit and redistribute, and why the software will continue to grow and get better. This means you can use their software any way you choose, as well as host your website anywhere you like. More so, it means that your website is yours alone, and free from the plans or actions of any other business.

All-in-all, WordPress gives you the power to do what you want, the way you want to do it, all while backing you up and keeping your website secure with regular updates. As far as things go with the web, it has more than stood the test of time and it continues to evolve as the world’s dominant content management system.